Stylish image of a true fashionmonger

Fashion fuzzy bootsToday’s fashion women have numerous pairs of home footwear in their arsenal. Fuzzy slipper boots rightfully occupy an honourable place in this collection. They not only warm the tender female feet but also are a stylish home accessory. Currently manufacturers are offering a wide choice of the most peculiar models of various colours, designed according to the latest fashion trends. Therefore even women with the most subtle taste can select a pair of stylish slippers for themselves. By the way, they can be combined with home clothing, a warm gown, and even with the interior. Everything depends on individual preferences. Due to convenience and stylish design, home slipper boots are loved not only by women but men and even children. Various ears, paws, horns and simply funny animal faces cannot leave the smallest fashionmonger boys and girls indifferent. Elegant bows, shiny beads and tender patterns would decorate the boots of elder princesses. Beautiful home slippers would help you look stylish even in the home atmosphere and in the family circle.

Comfort above all

Fuzzy street bootsIt is a widely known fact that legs are very sensitive to low temperatures, therefore they have to be protected not only outside, but at home as well, especially in the cold season. Returning home after a hard working day, you wish to get oblivion, relaxation, and rest, which can be done only in an as comfortable setting as possible. Good quality comfortable footwear is the way to health and proper rest. Home boots belong to such slippers. Their main advantages are:

• soft and ergonomic design;
• good warming and ensuring a foot “breathes”;
• no static electricity accumulated;
• quick drying and no deformation after washing;
• no allergy.

Fuzzy slipper boots would warm you during cold evenings, help you plunge into a peaceful atmosphere and be a stylish addition to any home dress.

Correct choice

Healthy fuzzy slipper bootsWomen often approach footwear choice very seriously. Quality materials, ideal design, and precise size are the main principles a woman is guided by when purchasing any shoes. As for fuzzy boots – they are often bought spontaneously, though their choice should also be paid more attention to. Warm slippers are designed to warm feed during cold winder evenings, therefore they have to be produced from natural materials. This would reduce the risk of fungus infection and eliminate unpleasant feelings caused by increased perspiration as the result of contact of your skin with synthetic materials. The sole quality affects the life of boots. It is desirable to choose boots with non-slippery sewn-down soles. Please mind that light colour slippers are not so practical, as dark ones, and need to be washed more often. First of all, your feet needs comfort, it has to feel free, but not to slip inside a boot. Therefore, selecting the size, pay attention to the gap between the inner sole and the actual boot length. You can be confident that if boots are produced of natural materials, ideally sit on your feet, suit you in terms of colour and style, you will simply not wish to take them off.