Someone does not like leather winter footwear, someone prefers fur, and for others this does not matter at all – if only boots are on. Whims of weather and longing for warmth in any season has led to emergence of boots from various materials. If earlier such footwear was viewed as purely home fancy, after certain time boots appeared on catwalks.

Wish to stand out of the crowd or necessity?

fuzzy boots-14How can one take the super-fashionable short coat combined with fuzzy boots only stressing the slim legs of star actresses? For some time, such boots were considered to be defiance to the whole fashion world, but time passed by, and winter fuzzy boots for woman still appeared, and not only at fashion shows. It was a definite pleasure for women to wear convenient warm boots not hardened with heels or buckles, for some time.

However the fuzzy products are perceived by famous footwear brands, they occupied their place firmly and for long. Nobody is already protesting against the “fluffy” boots on beauties’ feet, and fuzzy slipper boots at home have become a necessary feature of comfort and rest. If so many women accepted boots as convenient and comfortable footwear, it would hardly be necessary to decide whether such boots are needed or not. However ugly this new item would seem, one cannot deny its comfort, therefore the most diverse models have filled shops within virtually a couple years.

Refinedness and simplicity

stylish fuzzy bootsNow it is absolutely clear that fuzzy footwear has found its consumer, and this niche would not remain empty, therefore female fashion shows rarely happen without new fuzzy boots for woman options. Sewn “in two seams”, with flat sole and completely without any decorations, such boots used to look like “ugly ducklings” among their “fellow” footwear.

However, the time quickly cleared the air, and now these are not simply fur boots but works of art. These are unique products with crimps, trimmed with contrast fur, with smooth leather toes and fur seams, with bows, sequins, strings, and even with logos of famous brands, on pin heels, without heels, or with small children’s heels, with or without fur inside, but always convenient, light, and comfortable. However strange this may be, even without a heel, such boots decorate women’s feet, because they end exactly at the “slenderness” level, making the legs visually longer.

For home and street wear…

Fuzzy boots - for home and fashionOf course, lovers of soft footwear immediately found the use for it, and home slippers immediately “grew” and began resembling more of boots. Those who have to be up all day long, travelling, or whose work is related to long walks, quickly understood that the home option of the “fuzzies” would be quite of use. The main thing – one should put such boots on without socks, for the feet to rest.

In terms of convenience, not a single footwear type would be equal to fuzzy boots, and they preserve warmth not worse than felt boots or mukluks. The inserted inner sole of thick wool works like a “professional” arch support, one can walk for long without the risk of muscles fatigue or corns. The boots material is processed with special mixture to prevent from water or sweat penetrate the fabric. Thermal regulation is excellent, it is impossible to overheat the feet even in hot weather, thus even in summer one can see women wearing fur boots.